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soccer173Enrol your child for soccer training in Browns Plains QLD.

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Bachelor of Education Early Learning jobs brisbaneWe have started the recruiting process. Please view our current job listings.

Services at our state-of-the-art facility include:

Almaree's CuisineHP Entertainment CentreAdam & Noah Soccer ClubThe Fun SpaceshipUniform Shop

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab has 12 computers networked to our Intranet, where the children will undertake their computer classes and exams.

Indoor Mini Sports


The Multifunction Room allows to be transformed as needed into Indoor Sport Field, to assure continuity of the sport lessons on rainy days.

Music Classes


The Music Lab is equiped with 12 mobile keyboards for the piano lessons and other music classes, other musical instruments and material.



An additional learning component in our curriculum is a massive fish and turtle aquarium.